The Importance of Car Insurance

Imagine this condition, 

Your financial reach the lowest level, you can't do anything about it and the only things you can pay is the priority one, like house rent, foods, electricitu, water and gasoline. On this situation what will you do if you get unwanted accident? you don't have any money left to pay the damaged property, repair your car, and medical expenses for your self. That calculation only applies if you're the only one involved, what if there are more people involved on the accident? Your expenditure for the damaged property, car repairmen and medical expense will increase double, triple, even more.
Happy Family with Car Insurance
Happy Family with Car Insurance

Having a car insurance is not a bad idea, they ensure a safe future, with the right level of cover. they provide financial protection when your vehicle being damage. They also guarantee the driver, passengers, pedestrians, and property involved under their protection, which means that anytime you have an unwanted accident, everything involved on the accident will be covered the insurance provider. So when accidents happen, insurance reassure you that you're covered financially. 

Unlike you deliberately crash your car and earn money, they provide it for emergency situation and very unwelcome. If you try to do a fake accident, and they know about it, you will be responsible for the fraud and you will be behind bars for the fake claim.

Why is can insurance necessary?

As i said before, having a car insurance is important because it covers your costs in cash of vehicle damage, drivers, passengers and pedestrians injuries. All motorist are advised to have insurance by the Highway Traffic Act in 1988. Insurance not only provides medical expenses but also provides financial support for stolen cars, damaged cars, and burnt car.

What if i'm no insured?

Uninsured driving is very risky act, in some countries, it's illegal to drive without insurance. they would have fine and disqualify the driver with no insurance. Some countries are currently reviewing penalties for uninsured drivers who kill or get involved in accident.

So, although you're the victim of the accident while you're driving your car, you may fine and disqualify your license for unknown period, if you have no insurance.

Which insurance company should i choose?

i recommend some of those insurance company for you, here they are :

Zurich Insurance Group

Zuriich Insurance group is one of the leading insurance providers services that serves in local and global market share. Having support from approximately 55,000 employees, this company provide a complete services and various insurance products. 
The company objective is helping communities to mitigate natural disaster effect, responsible on financial asset investment, and helping to ensure a responsible and sustainable business practices.

You can reach them here : Zurich Insurance Group

Bess Central Insurance

Next is Bess Central Insurance, this company is one of the best insurance companies in the world which is managed by professionals who are highly practically skilled and experienced on their field.
The company motto "Everything;s gonna be okay" and they also committed and high integrity. The company also provides guarantee for its insured by offering some products which are very secure and provide a safe feeling for all clients and colleagues.
You can reach them here : Bess Central Insurance

Okay, we're reaching the bottom post. 

The conclusion is having a insurance is the best idea for the better life, as i said before they provide safe feeling in case of accident happen. Choose the best insurance for yourself, your choices affects the future.

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